Top #3 Boutique Hotels Norway

What is a Boutique Hotel, you may ask…

Boutique hotels are independent smaller hotels with a personal service, often having unique style with a theme and a strong personality. They also often use local produce and focus on good food and drinks. But the boutique hotels do not take themselves too seriously.

The most famous boutique hotels in Norway

Oslo Guldsmeden Boutique Hotel

This hotel is hygge, the famous style buzzword in 2018, but still hygge this year. Oslo Guldsmeden has a distinct Nordic interior design style. This is on our bucket list for Oslo.

Herangtunet Boutique Hotel

Herangtunet Boutique Hotel is located by Jotunheimen National Park and the Beitostolen skiing hot spot. The hotel have 9 rooms and an apartment, all of which are designed in a stylish way, while the outside of the buildings is traditional. The combination of styles makes the hotel unique of its kind.

Bergen Park Boutique Hotel

Located in the center of Bergen, with long history. Mixed interior of new and traditional.